A less terrible dating app

This app was inspired by my perspective that Tinder is not a very good replacement for organic offline ways of finding people to date, but that dating apps are potentially exciting in their ability to help people who live busy lives to connect to other people in big cities.

The app aims to introduce more creativity and dynamism to the meeting process despite it being facilitated by an app. It does this by creating a role separation (what type of flirter are you? A “pursuer” or a “chooser”?) but the role separation is abstract enough to not limit either role to a person of a particular sex, e.g. whilst males have been observed to usually fulfill the “pursuer” role, females can also fulfill this role.

Identification of whether a person who opens the app wants to play the role of a “pursuer” or a “chooser” can be a simple question: Are you a pursuer or a chooser? (The words “pursuer” and “chooser” could be pressed to see a selection of words and images associated with pursuit or choosing to assist the app user to understand the intended meaning of the words or to open their mind as to roles that they could play).

The “pursuer” gets a set of scenarios (time + place) that he can swipe through and select according to his preferences relating to scenario only (e.g. familiarity with the scenario, excitement about the scenario, convenience of the scenario).

The “chooser” gets a series of peoples’ faces that are linked to a specific scenario.

Each player would need to select a minimum number of options to ensure that any one “pursuer” at a scenario will be in the presence of at least a few “choosers” and any one “chooser” at a scenario will have a number of “pursuers” to choose from (remembering their faces from selecting her choice pool on the app already). There could possibly be a mechanism to discourage people from not showing up and not initiating contact after showing up, like losing credibility on the app if you don’t show up and/or don’t initiate contact, which would result in you receiving fewer scenario or face options in the app.

proposed new dating app.png

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